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Hi all,


I have been using evernote on my iPad and desktop for over a year now. I have one of the premium accounts as I use this for work and it is great for viewing/reviewing and organising documents and drawings for use at meetings etc.


However, all these attachments are taking their toll on my space availability in the iPad memory. 


I have moved a lot of old redundant notes into notebooks dedicated for old projects etc (I do want to keep these) and have set my ipad to only sync with notebooks relevant to "live" projects. However, this does not seem to remove the attachments from notes already synced in the redundant folders. I assume deleting these notes will remove them from the online/desktop versions and will therefore lose the information.


Any suggestions?

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Evernote seems to release the storage gradually, whether it is cached or a converted from offline notebook.  "Quick" fix is to reinstall the app on your iPad and reload the data.  Depending upon the size of your DB and connection speed, it can be somewhat painless if done overnight.  FWIW.

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The EN amount is wrong for sure, but total storage seems to be okay.

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