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Limiting search to my main notebook

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On my Mac it seems easy to limit my searches to my main notebook. I can set it up to work that way. On my Windows PC, however, I guess things work differently. I seem to have to manually click a notebook before searching (and then click in the search field rather than using a keyboard shortcut) in order to stay within my main notebook.


What am I missing? I'd like to hear tips/advice on the simplest way to default my searches to a single notebook -- which is generally what I want to do.




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Yeah, the Find in Evernote hot key, position to the search bar, in Windows always changes the context to All Notes, in my case anyway.  And I don't know if there is a way to modify that behavior to stay in the current notebook.


One method for you could be to add your primary notebook to your shortcuts bar and then all you do is click the shortcut and then click in search.  As long as your context stays in that notebook all you have to do is click in the search bar for each subsequent search.


A keyboard shortcut workaround is to use a text expander like PhaseExpress and create a hot key for the string "{F5}notebook:my.main.notebook ", F5 being my hot key to Find in Evernote.  That way you just hit the hot key, say CTRL-Win-/, and start typing the search.  FWIW.

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Thanks for the feedback, esp. to csihilling. I will check into using a macro since I have a macro app on my PC.


And I was not aware that I double-posted. Sorry, but I actually did not intend that.

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