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Simplified Article: Inconsistent Behavior in Forum Thread Selection - Chrome or Firefox



I cannot get consistent results in using Simplified Article option in either Chrome or Firefox when selecting a forum thread.


One of the following happens:


1)  Only the first post in a thread is selected

2)  Some post on the page further down is selected

3)  Several posts from the page are selected, but not all

4)  All posts on the page are selected

5)  Several posts from the entire thread are selected, but not all

6)  All posts from the entire thread are selected (as far as I can determine on some long threads, in some rare cases)


Most often, I experience #1 or #4, and #5 (#3 often enough).  I cannot predict which will be the case.  Not even consistent between Chrome and Firefox.


Ideally, I'd like to select posts from the thread to keep, but that may be too much to ask.


Next best, I'd like to choose between the first post only, or the entire thread - no use in keeping just the first page if additional information I want may be on subsequent ones - I can use the Article or Full Page options for that, anyway. 


Another issue is that poster's userid is often not included in the Simplified Article when viewing several posts from a thread.


Using Firefox 38.0.5, Win 7 Home Premium


Hard to give example of each, as it is unpredictable.  This url in firefox gives the first post, but several other threads in that forum with many pages behave differently...



Another example for two different behaviors:

First post only...


First page of posts...


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