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Unable to export note as pdf - still not fixed?!

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Seriously, still no way of exporting (and so printing) a note? Not fixing a bug like this sends a very strong message about Evernote and Penultimate: that Evernote intends to drop Penultimate soon so you may as well switch now before you invest too much time on this app. Not being able to print a note is unbelievable.

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I'm sorry for your inconvenience.


The issues with exporting notes that take longer than 3 seconds. We've fixed this bug in our next version which we plan to submit shortly.


Meanwhile, you can print (on paper or as a PDF) from Evernote for Mac or Windows. Again, I'm very sorry for the inconvenience.




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Hello @SiM606,

While this is not an option through the application directly, you can accomplish this by doing the following:

 - Set up a Google Cloud Printer and download the Google Cloud Print application from the Google Play Store.
 - Go into the note you want to print inside of the Evernote application on your Android device.
 - Once inside the note go up to the top right of the Evernote application and tap on the three dots and the side menu will pop up.
 - Select Share > Post a link > Copy URL.
 - Go into Chrome on your device and paste the link in the URL bar and the note should load up after pressing enter.
 - Tap on the three dots in the right corner and choose Print.
 - Select the printer and print.

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