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Crash after printing 20 notes



Hi all,


I have a notebook of about 450 notes from a previous job that I'd like to print out into PDF files and then delete.


I can select the notes, Evernote starts to print to a directory just fine (Print -> save as PDF) but then locks up after exactly 20 notes - every time.


Has anyone else had this issue or perhaps even solved it?


Sure, I can go 20 notes at a time, but I'd prefer not to... :-)




Best regards,



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Hi Nick,


No solution but the same happened to me today. Didn't exactly count how many I could do in one go but 100 in one shot were def. too many (app got stuck). Printed 10 at a time after that without a problem (quite inconvenient, though).

Would be nice if this could be fixed.





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Any options to print to a PDF file if you have Adobe or another PDF editor installed?


On a Mac (OS 10.10.3) printing to PDF (save as PDF from the printing menu) results in an error as soon as I chose more than one note. 

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