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Evernote Monthly quota didn't reset



I have been checking on both the web and mac version of evernote, yesterday it said "59.9 MB (99%) used, resets in 9 hours" on the web version, and then this morning when I checked it now says 59.9 MB (99%) used, resets in 29 days!(web version) (Mac version still says 59.9 MB (99%) used, resets in 0days)


I am sure that I can't have uploaded another 60MB since yesterday evening...does anyone know what this could be caused by? 


I have been waiting for this month to come by so I could finish syncing my notes. 

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Did it solve by itself?

I'm having the same issue for the last week or so, and it was supposed to be reset about 3 or 4 days ago, but it's not, so it still stays at 98% usage and also fix at 29 days to reset, but I can still upload from safari and iOS extensions, weird...

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