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Posting in this thread as it's better to separate this problem from the thread about the 6.0.13 release.


I'm seeing this problem too and i'm pretty sure I was able to paste json in the past. It doesn't matter if the json is pasted in from a web page, or if it's sanitised by pasting into a text editor and then pasted into Evernote. Nothing comes up at all when attempting to paste.


Edit: Interestingly, styled json will paste, eg if the json has colors and so forth. But plain unstyled text json will not. Example, go to http://www.bodurov.com/JsonFormatter/paste in your json, format it, then paste it back into Evernote. It will work.


Pasting JSON into Evernote Web also works.


This is a pretty big problem as it means I can no longer store my json snippets in Evernote.


Running on Evernote Mac 6.0.16

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Hello ...

I spend a lot of time on Linux and, therefore, using Evernote Web.

When I paste JSON into a Evernote Web document, all leading whitespace is removed; which is problematic.

The pasted JSON is already formatted (I cut it from a pretty-printed Python session or from within a vi(1) terminal session).

How to get around this issue?

Thank you! :)

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