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Cannot set Evernote profile picture

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I wanted to set a new profile picture for my Evernote account but when I do it on the web client, the profile picture's colour is modified, as shown in the attached image below (my actual red profile image is pasted beside the modified one). It also does not work on the mobile app, reverting back to the previous picture after setting. What do I do? Hopefully someone replies back as soon as possible, and thank you.


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Hi.  First,  please be aware this is a user forum,  not the Evernote Support team,  so we don't necessarily have any answers to technical issues - and most of us have day jobs,  so time is usually short too.  I don't know what constraints Evernote place on profile pictures,  but they appear to expect actual pictures,  so maybe your colour scheme or design trips some sort of limit - or maybe the blue colour is a selection highlight that goes away when you've "cropped and saved".  If it doesn't work I don't see them spending any time fixing it - you may have to get used to a different hue.

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