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Business card scanning

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Hi All, Just purchased a new notebook and testing Evernote.  One of my key objectives is scanning business cards.  i understand I had to upgrade my account to premium but I'm still in the dark.  Any suggestions about which app and how to start?  


I have a similar question for character recognition if you also have a suggestion.  Thank you, Steve

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Hi.  Have a look at these two links to get started...




https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2015/01/08/scannable-new-mobile-scanning-app-evernote/(iOS only for the moment)


As to character recognition - scan something to PDF - choose scanner settings to produce a 'searchable PDF' if you can.  Save into Evernote.  If your scanner (or computer) doesn't do OCR,  Evernote will OCR a document for you,  but that's not instant.  If you're using a mobile device look into apps like CamScanner to take a snapshot and produce a searchable PDF.

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Hi Gazumped, Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.  I had seen that article but I must have the wrong kind of Android phone.  I cannot find a business card setting in my camera and when I take a picture of a business card it does not initiate Evernote or sync in anyway.  


My hope with character recognition was to take notes on my Samsung Tab and it transfer those notes as if I typed them into a Evernote note.  



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Does your account on the phone show as Premium?  You should have a choice of document / business card / post-it camera setups.  Check Evernote > Settings > Account Info for your account details,  and Settings > Camera for the various options.

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Business card scanning - when I initiate this, it does not use my settings!


I have a Samsung S4, running Evernote 7.2 for Android; I am a "premium" account user, and have connected Evernote to LinkedIn.


When I use the business card camera, Evernote _USED_ to capture every business card into a contact record, into the folder I've designated; and then ask me if I wanted to connect with the user on LinkedIn.


It no longer does this; when I initiate the business card camera, Evernote creates a note in my default folder, activates the camera, and captures an image of the card into the note - but does not recognize the text or connect me to LinkedIn; in short, it behaves just like the "normal" camera function. 


I have logged out/ disconnected LinkedIn from Evernote, and reconnected; same outcome.


Please help!  and thanks... 

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