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(Archived) Limiting employer access to Evernote notes

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I have an Evernote challenge that I'm hoping is reasonably easily solved.

I have two Evernote accounts. One has personal notes in it. I use it on my personal MacBook, and on my Windows Mobile phone. My second one has work notes in it. I use it only on my employers computer. My personal account has information in it that my employer doesn't need to know, and of course they have full control of my work PC, including backups which are completely out of my control. Using two accounts has worked reasonably well. I occasionally capture work related information on my phone, which goes into my personal account, but it's pretty easy to get it into my work account. One of the Windows features I make use of is the Outlook integration.

Enter the iPad. This is a device I've been waiting for. I used to have a Windows Tablet PC, and found it to be close to perfect in user interaction, but the size and battery life made it a lot less useful. I'm excited that Evernote has already said they will update their iPhone client to take advantage of the new features in the iPad. But now I have a challenge. I can see tons of work related uses for Evernote on the iPad, and of course personal uses as well. I assume that the iPhone/iPad client doesn't/won't have a good way to sync with two accounts.

I'm happy to merge my two accounts, assuming I can remove all my personal data from my work computer. I know the portable version is gone with 3.5, but I see I can still specify the location for the local files. Can I set that to be on a flash drive? Can Evernote still start at startup, or will that cause problems? And will the browser and Outlook integration work? Assuming I allow Evernote to save my password for syncing, where does that happen, in a file next to the DB or somewhere in the registry?

Thanks in advance for your responses. Keep up the good work Evernote, I love your product.


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If you have a Premium account, you can store all of your notes on an iPhone or iPod Touch, which gives you full access, including offline.

You could also consider just accessing your "personal" account from the web while at work.

On the Windows client, you can change the location of the database directory, and you could try this on a USB-attached drive, but you may see some performance issues, and possibly even data risk if the drive is unreliable. In particular, you'd want to be sure to "File > Exit" from Evernote before removing the drive.

Another option would be to tell Evernote to store the databases in a folder that uses file system encryption from the OS or from something like http://www.truecrypt.org/

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