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My Creation Dates have been Reset



Suddenly both the Creation Date and the Updated Date for scores of my notes has been reset to the current date. I have moved some of them to a new notebook and modified their tags, but have made no changes to the notes themselves. This is most frustrating since I depend on the Creation Date to sort them properly. Is anyone else experiencing this?


Mac OS 10.10.3

EN 6.0.12

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Losing the created date by simply 1.) moving some notes to a different notebook and 2.) changing the tag would be a catastrophic failure.


If this was a bug and happened to other people, this forum would be flooded with complaints.


I would suggest you contact an Evernote employee for assistance - if you are a free user - direct mail on Twitter at @evernotehelps

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Definitely not. All I did was move them to a different notebook


Is this still happening?

Is it repeatable, every time you move a note to a different Notebook, does it change the Created Date?

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OK, I discovered the problem. My fault. I had actually DUPLICATED these notes from one notebook to another and the duplicated ones had the dates reset. (I'm not sure that is the preferred behavior, but at least an explanation)

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