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Templates and Tabstructure

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Hi Evernote designers. I use Evernote  for my Art Department Crew as a breakdown. Everyone in my crew has always the same information. It works great!

I make a note for every location we are planning to shoot. In every note I use a kind of formattted index, which I copy to every new note. The index includes space for: scenes, locationpictures, scripttext, construction, messurements of locations, maps of the location etc etc. Would it be possible to make Evernote work better with some kind of templates you can design yourself? It also would help me a lot if you could use a kind of a tabstructure within a note, because my notes are very very long in the end. But maybe I'm asking to much?





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Relative to length of notes, have you considered using the Table of Contents function.  You could create a template note for each "tab", and then create a TOC of those notes, tag them with the shoot name, and you would have a grouping that should be easy to find and navigate.  FWIW, may not be worth the effort in your use case, just some thoughts....

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 Would it be possible to make Evernote work better with some kind of templates you can design yourself?


I have devised a "template system" in Evernote that works quite well for me:

  • I have a number of Notes that I use as templates
  • Most of these Notes have been designed using tables in MS Word, and then copy the Word Table and paste into the EN "template" Note
  • These tables contain some cells as labels, and some as "blank fields" to be filled in.
  • I also assign the tags I am most likely to want to each template Note. 
  • When I want to use a template Note, I use the "Copy to Notebook" feature.
  • I keep all of my template Notes in a Notebook named "!Templates" (the "!" is to make it appear at the top of the NB list)
  • I also have a keyboard macro (Keyboard Maestro) that makes it very easy to create a new note from one of these templates.

    (KM is a Mac app, but there are similar apps for Windows, like AutoHotKey and PhaseExpress)

NOTE:  There is a new BUG just introduced in EN Mac 6.0.13 which causes the Word table pasted into the EN Note to be unusable.  Hopefully this bug will be fixed very soon.  Fortunately the existing template Notes still work OK.


EDIT:  Sun, May 31, 2015 at 3:16 PM CDT


You can see a screenshot here of one of my Note templates created from MS Word.

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Thanks JMichael. I also copy/paste my templates from another notebook now. I just thought that next to the templates it would be great if Evernote gave a little more depth/layers to a note. For me that would be very worthwhile.

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