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Web Clipper does not clip some sites

Mata Hari

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Which OS? Which browser?


Is this a different complaint to a previous one you've made about the Clipper? It's not possible for the Clipper to capture every site, there are lots of things that site owners can do to prevent readers from capturing content. 


Have you tried printing to PDF and then adding to Evernote as an alternative?

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Complaint?  I am certainly quite annoyed by unpleasant surprises but my intention is to solve an issue


Have you tried to clip that site which I failed to clip ?

I tried with Chrome and Safari on Yosemite

To print to PDF and then add to EN, too much trouble, not worth it.

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I'm trying to give you the best advice, although I think you've been around here long enough that you should already know what to do.


It does seem like you don't want to listen though.

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My curiosity force me to check

I've had problem with www.di.se myself

So today I use Pocket when EWC wont work or crashes


Windows - Firefox - EverWebClipper = empty note. Could works as bookmarks?!

Tablet with Android - Firefox - EverWebClipper = I looks fine the first 5 minuets... Clipping... But no note 

Tablet with Android - Firefox - EverClip = A nice clip! Simplified without pictures and adds

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Morticia #8. Pocket worked for me.

You have confirmed that WebClipper is buggy

That is what i wanted but Metrodon reacted aggressively as usual.

Every app seems to have its problems though...

I would be content to use only Pocket but it is sometimes buggy with certain sites. And I cannot sort alphabetically etc


So now I have several options for clipping : EN WebClipper. EN Clearly. OneNote Clipper. Pocket. EverClip which you suggested

And there are many more alternatives.
If every app needs several alternatives, then the use of computers becomes overwhelmingly time consuming

So what I am requesting requesting is the EN staff fix the bugs with WebClipper .

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Well, this trouble with WC and the laconic responses from EN staff forces me to look for alternatives.

Now I use Pocket and let you use WC. OK ?
Much of the functionality of EN can be thus better done with other apps

With Pocket I can also easily share mails. Which never worked in EN.

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