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Add Color to Evernote Application for Windows Client

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I'm new to Evernote and Microsoft OneNote so I'm evaluating both products for Windows 7 and beyond.


One thing that really bugs me about Evernote's is its bland :wacko: Black & White  :o interface. It's like looking at a black & white pie chart on the old Apple computer from the 80's. I so want Evernote to :)  !POP! :) with color like Microsoft OneNote does. I've been reviewing Evernote on Youtube, some posters show Evernote in Color and it appears they're all using Mac computers. Why isn't Evernote for Windows in COLOR in this day and age?  <_<  For that reason alone I already lean towards adopting MS OneNote.


I've attached some comparisons. Mine is like the B/W version. I would like to contact Evernote to find out if there's a way to migrate off Black & White (TV) into the color world but it appears I have to upgrade to Premium to ask a question? Not good for potential customers, IMHO.







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Unfortunately most of the color is also gone from EN Mac.  This started over a year ago when Evernote released EN Mac Ver 5.  

I think the image you are showing is from Ver 3 (there was no Ver 4).


I agree with you.  The UI designers today seem to all want to use only low contrast, mostly grey on grey, color schemes, all of which are very hard to read.  I just don't get it.

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There are a couple of way to get (some) colours into Evernote -

EverRegHack - https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/41705-everreghack-colors-for-notebooks-names-in-evernote-5-for-windows/
Unfortunately the download link currently seems broken

It's possible to do some things with note templates and an EML editor to set up background colours - see Chris Mayo's shared notebook on this for more... 



As to talking to developers/ Evernote generally,  there are G+, Facebook, and LinkedIn groups as well as these forums,  where discussions can be raised and Evernote say they read the content,  though they rarely respond directly.  There's also a Twitter link @Evernotehelps.

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The low contrast is really a problem for those with vision challenges. Pale grey in thin fonts on white background...ugh. I just got started with Evernote but am not sure I can stick around unless someone shows me how to enable color options and a bolder, easier-to-read font. I really wanted Evernote to work for me! 

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