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Hi, Is it me only or other people think that Evernote on Mac is very very sluggish !


Mainly I'm talking about how it scrolls and the overall performance


For example take a look at the scrolling speed of Spotify and then get back to Evernote and test it again.. it doesn't look right (It's like other apps uses GPU for that but it uses the CPU maybe ?)


I have:
MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014) with Yosemite 10.10.3 installed


I also mentioned here that the left pane is useless but I'm not sure if anyone is really listening


Also now after not seeing any changes for a while I'm a bit curious about the development road map of Evernote for Mac and if anyone is even aware of these issues


To be honest I think that the whole Mac client needs to be rebuilt.

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Also now after not seeing any changes for a while I'm a bit curious about the development road map of Evernote for Mac and if anyone is even aware of these issues


This forum is for Evernote users. 

Evernote corporation does not share its development roadmap with the general public.

Occasionally an Evernote employee will see the posts, so your comment will probably be seen.


You could try asking about the speed issue on twitter - a direct message to @evernotehelps

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I'm not asking about the development road map from features perspective or the corporation strategy

What I'm only saying is that I'm worried because I don't see major improvements that's all
And as a user who trusts Evernote with my data yes I have the right I guess to ask because in case of no improvements then I will need to find alternatives

I will contact @evernotehelps thanks.

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6.013 is the latest version. If you are seeing issues like slow scrolling you should open a support ticket.


I have no performance problems with my installation so it may be something specific to your setup - support will be the best people to help.

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Okay this seems to be a popular topic regarding the sluggish performance of Evernote.  I'm joining in on topic and am finding it very hard to use on a daily basis.  This is unacceptable on the part of Evernote as a company to not address and resolve the issue that is plaguing a lot of users including myself.

I use Evernote quite often to store notes as well as automate a lot of task with Hazel as well.  Evernote seems to drag in performance, holding up a lot of automated task that should only take a few seconds to complete.  Many times recently I would have to Force-Quit Evernote because it just does not respond to anything.  

Does anybody have any sort of information that would suggest there is progress from Evernote in fixing this major issue from other forums or discussions?

I have plenty of hard drive space on my Mac as well as strictly only running Evernote and my Fuji Scanner for scanning, so why can't I complete this normal task without Evernote hanging up on me?  Bottom line very frustrating and I would definitely not recommend Evernote to any colleagues until this issue is resolved from Evernote.

Evernote support team I will be submitting a claim ticket for this popular issue of sluggish performance/ stalled operation of software shortly.  I'll update the forum here with any updates accordingly.

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