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Caching Content...Once again lost important info

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Make yourself a note ... an important one, lets say it's a speech and you've been editing it 50+ times over weeks.


Now open it on a phone, perhaps even while driving ... press the delete button by accident, try to shake the iPhone for an undo, which works but you end up with a single letter because it the middle of it all you typed a letter and that's what the undo went to.


It's gone.


No cached version in the cloud, no saving of the last three versions, even if your a Premium user.


It's not in the trash because you didn't delete the note.


No alert that says 'do you want to go back, or make a copy of some previous version, because clearly you've been working on this 250 word thing many times and now I think you don't really want to delete it down to 3 character'.


Nothing to click to 'keep plain text revision history of this note' (for Premium users because I don't want to worry that I'd ever lose it to user error).

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"Note history takes a snapshot of the entire note a few times a day and allows you to roll back a note from the Mac or Windows desktop client or Evernote Web."


That's a great solution. Thank you.


I have Premium. The feature isn't yet on the phone, so I couldn't find it ... so my only suggestion is that all selections should be the same on all platforms but give me a 'History is available on the Desktop version' message as a safety net reminder.

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Now open it on a phone, perhaps even while driving ... 


While I agree that it would be nice to have better recovery options on the iPhone, your action may have been a contributing factor.


Please don't type on the phone while you're driving, if not for your safety, then for the safety of others.


Long before we even had apps that sync, or before we even had the Internet, I learned to save a new version of any document that was important and that I was making substantial changes to.  One never knows when it might be good to go back to a prior version.

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