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Evernote doesn't sync even though I have 4G mobile internet - only through wi-fi

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I have a Galaxy S3. I noticed that Evernote doesn't sync at all, it says that there is network error. I'm connected to the internet through 4G and it works fine, except for Evernote. It only syncs when I'm connected to wi-fi.


Is it a feature or a bug?

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I reinstalled the app with no success. In the menu there is an option called "Wireless network sync only", but it is unticked, so why doesn't it work? 


I have unlimited cellular data, so it's a bit annoying.

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Hi.  I also have am S3 which works fine on a non-4G connection.  Don't know why there would be a problem.  Do you have other devices on Evernote?  A large number of Notes? 

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