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Sticky Notes sync through evernote


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i got stiky notes 1.5.9 and during installation required validation through a link where to log with evernote crediantial. 

I  want just to be sure it is a validate application from Evernote side, does anyone else used it?


If yes, there is also a MAC version?





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That link to validate your Evernote credentials is likely valid, check the URL to see if it contains evernote.com very early on in the URL. If you aren't sure, don't proceed. That being said, this is a fairly typical way for you to grant applications permission to access your Evernote content, so this is not an unusual thing to be directed to. 


As far as I know that is a windows only application, assuming you are referring to:



I also don't believe that application is being actively developed so while it still works, I'd be cautious of getting to closely attached to it. Without active development, it might stop working unexpectedly. 

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Velectro, it's a legitimate application, and it's safe to go ahead and authorize it.


I have my Windows 7 set to use large fonts (125% of normal), and this baffles this application -- my note text runs off the rights side of the note.  This does NOT happen with the native Windows 7 sticky note application (found on the "Accessories" menu).  But if it works for you, cool.  The idea is certainly nice.

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Thanks Got it.

But still I have not found a way to get Sticky Notes synchronised on both Mac and Windows pc I have.

I was wondering if there is any way to make Evernote Notes sticky to desktop for both SOs.

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