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Web Clipper 6.0.26 not fully functional in Firefox?



I have been using clipper for several years now and love it. I just foumd out that annotating a clip is functional in chrome, ie, safari but not in firefox. Will these functions be available in FF in the future?

Thank you

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Ok, you are running the latest version. So you should be able to use the screenshot clip action and then after screenshot is taken the annotation tools will be exposed. Is that not working for you?

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Hmmm. Can you successfully take a screenshot? If possible it would be great if you can create a screencast when you reproduce the problem using f.a.e https://www.techsmith.com/jing.html


So far in our testing we haven't seen any problem with this.


After upgrading to this newer version I rebooted. Now I see the annotation bar.  Not as robust as skitch though. I miss the arrows :-)


Anyway....thank you for your help.

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