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loading info on desktop syncs to phone?

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i just started using evernote today and so far i love it. just want to make sure of something before i go to all the trouble to type stuff and it not be there...


everything that i enter in the desktop/computer app will actually be on my phone app? i started loading information into the phone and then realized that i could do it a lot faster on the computer. if it will all sync...



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Yes, any notes you create on your desktop that are in synced notebooks will make it to your phone, provided you have a connection with which to sync.  To avoid sync conflicts be sure and sync whenever you enter or leave a platform; whether it is your desktop, phone, or tablet. 


FYI, you can't access note content on your phone without a network connection as a free user,  You have to upgrade to get off line note content access.  But if you don't need that off line access, no problem working with your notes on the phone when connected to the internet.

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