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What symbol is this ?

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I have read the Knowledge Base

As I already mentioned somewhere, the sharing does not work 

F ex this method I would like to use but it is not functioning

  • Mac: Select Note > More Sharing > Email a Copy... from the Evernote menu bar
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Here's the swift answer:






Keep in mind that I tweeted them about an hour before "closing time" on Friday... and they responded to me bright and early on a Monday morning at 4 am their time - PST. Could one ask for any better?


Now... as to whether it was actually necessary to tweet them for that answer - that's another story. 

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Keep in mind that will only show notes that have individually been shared. It will not return notes in shared notebooks unless that note has also been explicitly shared with someone outside of the already-shared notebook. You can look at your notebook list for shared notebooks if you want to see which notes are in shared notebooks and which are not. 

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