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Evernote Mac OX X Yosemite Basic Functions missing





couldn't find a solution for this on the net. My evernote is missing part of its functionality as of today. The search bar has disappeared and text editing box too. Tried minimizing & maximizing window, update to a new version, reinstalling the program. no luck! works as web version so its seems to be a mac application fault or I being completely blind-  I have attached a sceenshot (brown box are just too hide information). I'm running Evernote on iMac 27" Retina OX Yosemite 10.01. Many thanks for any help with this issue.





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This is standard behaviour for OS X applications. For a long time Evernote had a (somewhat) non-standard non-editable toolbar which I don't believe could be hidden. Recently this has changed so we now have the standard, native functionality. 


Glad you have your problem fixed! 

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