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Billing problem NO RESPONSE from Customer Service!

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I got charged $45.00 by Evernote, it's in my bank statement.


The same day I got an email from Evernote stating that my Premium subscription had expired. 


I sent Customer Support a picture of the credit card charge asking them what was going on. That was almost 2 weeks ago!!!!


I got a ticket number <Ticket# 1075647 - Premium subscription>


My real problem is that I have been a Premium  member for many years now and because this glich I was not able to use Presentation Mode on a very important project. 


It's obvious that since I sent my Customer Support request as a non Premium user (because THEIR system charged me but did not updated me!!!) I am on back log for a response.


Does anybody know if there is a way to talk to some one or to contact a real person that can fix my problem?? I am almost ready to get rid of Evernote!!!


This has really hit me as a customer because I trusted Evernote and not being able to use presentation mode when I had everything ready makes me think twice if they really care about the way I work.

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Hi.  It's always very frustrating when something like this happens - I had a 3-hour break in my internet connection a day or two ago because of similar glitches in my ISP's payment systems.  Sadly it's not the company that's thoughtless in this situation,  it's the automatic systems that run the payment check and downgrade the account if the funds aren't there on time.  That's also more likely to happen if you're paying a third party (like iTunes) and not Evernote direct - two systems to fail,  not just one.


Anyhow - I flagged your ticket number for an Admin here to look at - hopefully you'll hear something pretty quickly now.

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