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[bug] "//" automatically creating hyperlinks when proceeded by text


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Evernote (275519) Public on Windows 8.1Pro64-bit.


I forgot to mention your text needs to be proceeded by a return or space character.


E.g. "//hello↵" will result into an automatic hyperlink created to the address "//hello".


Trying to be too clever if you ask me, should only happen for "http://" or "https://".

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Nope,  sorry - still not happening with either space or return after the entry no matter how much I try.  I also tried "http://google.co.uk<space>" and got a link,  but with "//google.co.uk <space>" I didn't.  Very strange.  Unless that's a feature-not-a-bug of 5.8.6 public - I'm on prerelease. 


Unless anyone else has a brilliant insight I'd suggest tweeting @Evernotehelps with the situation - you could send them the URL of this thread as background...

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Windows client 5.8.67519 Public:  I had no trouble reproducing this.


Just opened a new note, and on the first line typed:




As soon as I hit enter, it became a hyperlink.  Definitely not what it should be doing.


This also hyperlinks:



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