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(Archived) Imported EN 2.2 Note Always Causes EN 3.0 Beta Abort

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I have a note imported from EN 2.2 that always causes EN 3.0 Beta to abort when I try to open that note. :evil: I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of it (or, better stll, how to send it to EN Support so they can use it for debugging). So far I'm scratching my head. :?

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We'd love to see that note! Can you email it to Support from 2.2 client?

I would be very happy to do so, if I could figure out which 2.2 note it was. In 3.0 Beta all I see is a note with a title of that aborts EN 3.0 Beta whenever I touch it.

I may be able to deduce which EN 2.2 note it was from the time stamps. The import into EN 3.0 appears to have preserved all the time stamps. (Thank you, EverNote Developers!) I'll work on that. Actually, I am now up to four Toxic Notes. I don't know whether the toxicity is spreading or whether I have some sort of replication happening.

I am going to go get some dinner, I'll beat more on the Toxic Note Syndrome when I return.

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