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Time stamps Windows

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Hello everyone


I really hope you can solve my problems and help me.

I want to know about the time stamps on a Windows’ PNG file, and what happens to those dates when you copy the file to a new hard drive.


File A:

Created: 2010

Modified: 2012

Accessed: 2010


We copy file A to a new hard drive and we call the copied file for file B:

Created: 2014

Modified: 2012

Accessed: 2014


Which date stamps is there on file B? Only 2014, 2012, 2014?


Are there only three time stamps on a file in Windows systems? (created, modified, accessed)


Where in the file are these stamps (the data) stored, in the bytes? I tried to look in ’details’ and the metadata.


I really look forward to your answers


Best regards Emil

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