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Evernote and Moodle


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I've used Evernote to draft lessons for many years. When the lesson is ready, I have always copied and pasted the lesson from Evernote into whatever learning management system that I was using at the time. 


Yesterday I tried to do that in Moodle. After pasting the content into Moodle, I was not able to format headers, paragraphs, etc. I'd change the formatting and save, then it would revert to a different style. 


I asked the help desk about this and was told that I shouldn't copy and paste from Word (duh). because there was a ton of junk code. I've never had this problem before. 


Could Evernote be the culprit here?

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I think this is because your administrator has activated the "clean HTML" option.  In short, this means that you cannot enter HTML code - well, you can, but most of it (tags) will be "stripped."  The restriction is in place to thwart nefarious code. To get around this you could try:


  1. Copy your Evernote note (CTRL+A, CTRL+C) and
  2. paste it (CTRL+V) into the Moodle text editor.
  3. Then (if necessary, expand the toolbar) click the "<>" icon.
  4. Your raw HTML code will display in the pop-up window.
  5. Delete all of the HTML code:  <I'm HTML code> </so am I>

You'll then be left with a completely unformatted document which you'll reformat using the native text editor's capabilities (usually TinyMCE or Atto).  Click here for a quick movie on how to do this. Hope it helps!


Oh, one other thing:  you could also ask the admin to give you permission to post "trusted content." Click here for more info.


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