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(Archived) Mobile website on Android device


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Is it possible to access the mobile website on an Android device? When I go to m.evernote.com, I am given a choice to download the Android app or go to the full website. Going to the full (ie regular site) doesn't work in my mobile browser.

I am trying to edit a note, which I don't think I can do in the mobile app.

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You should be able to (plain text) notes from the Android application ... when you're viewing the note, go to the Menu key and click the Edit button.

This particular note I am not able to edit in the Android app. There is no edit in the menu. However, on the mobile website, I am..... The note contains only text. I belief there is a limitation in EN (mobile web and mobile clients, Android, Windows Mobile, etc) where you can only edit text. I verified I can edit other notes on my Android. I'm not sure why this particular note I can edit via the mobile web and not the Android client.

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