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What is the single file attachment size limit? And what is the total size of file attachments that are allowed on free account/offline notebooks? In case I would like to include personal photos, pdfs and videos in offline notebooks (on PC)...

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1) Are you a free, plus, or premium subscriber?

2) by "offline notebooks" do you mean "Offline Notebooks" on a mobile device (that is, a notebook that is synchronized, but is available on a mobile device when there is no internet connection), or do you mean a "Local Notebooks" which is an unsynchronized notebook on a Mac or PC that is not accessible on any other device or the web. 


The maximum note size for a free account is 25mb, 50mb, and 200mb for free, plus, and premium tiers, respectively. You should be able any file up to, or nearly the maximum note size. Keeping in mind that a free account has an upload limit of 60mb per month. If you added 2 25mb attachments, you'd almost exhaust your monthly upload allowance. 


Local Notebooks may still be subject to the note size limits, but won't count towards your upload limit. 


Offline Notebooks will be subject to all the usual limits associated with your subscription tier. 


More info on account limits:


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Yes, an attachment contributes to the overall note size. The entire contents of a given note cannot exceed that maximum note size, whether comprised of plain text, an attachment, or a combination of both. 


Yes, different subscription levels have different maximum note sizes.


There is no limit on the number of attachments, only on size. Ten 1mb attachments = 10mb, and one 10mb attachment = 10mb. These two scenarios are equivalent. 

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You can create file links just like you do links to web pages:

  1. Select the text in the Note you want to use as the name
  2. Press CTRL-K
  3. Enter valid URL.  For files that would be something like:
  4. Press OK

The key is using the prefix of "file:///"

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