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(Archived) Feature Request: Extensions!

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Just recently, the owner of evernote said he'd answer all of the questions sent to him for 1 hour. He managed to skip over my question and I'm sure several others. So, I'm asking it again here.

Are there any plans to implement extensions into evernote? I think they might've existed before (not sure if I remember correctly), but as of right now I don't see any way for a user to create add-ins or extensions for evernote. I think that feature would be so great for this program when running it on a full fledged operating system like osx or windows #.

It's obvious how beneficial it can be; just look at what a web browser would be without them. So, any plans to throw this feature in?

I would really love an extension that would let me ACTUALLY have a full screened note to type into. Maybe one with a black background and white text for focusing on writing, or ... maybe that feature could be built in? Anyways, hopefully I can get that question answered now heh.

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We're interested in this in general, but this is a big challenge to do correctly. So it's a topic of internal discussion, but we don't have any timelines on this.

Thanks for the feedback

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