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"⌥ ⌘ F Search" keyboard shortcut doesn't on my Mac (Yosemite)



I'm currently on, but this feature has never worked on my Evernote for Mac.


I have checked the preferences to make sure the last item "Search in Evernote" is cleared. I have made sure there is no global shortcut defined for ⌥ ⌘ F in System Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts


Search works if go to Evernote Menu > Edit > Find > Search notes


What else can I do to try to fix this? :(






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The shortcut "⌥ ⌘ F" is working for me in EN Mac 6.0.13 running Mavericks (10.9.5).
So, in your case, it could be a conflict with a Yosemite shortcut, or another app your Mac.  Unfortunately all shortcuts are NOT listed in the Mac System Preferences > Keyboard.  Of course, it could also be a bug.
What happens when you press "⌥ ⌘ F" ?  Anything?
I can think of two work-arounds:
  1. Enter a different shortcut in the EN Mac Preferences for global Search.
  2. Use a KB macro like Keyboard Maestro that will supersede all other shortcuts.
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