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New to EN, want to see an icon change on a clipped webpage



So, if I've already created a note of some flavor from a webpage, I don't want to have to remember that I've looked at that page before. I was assuming there would be some kind of indicator somewhere when I navigate to a clipped page, that I would be able to tell (would like some little pop-up or something that I can click to open any notes), but at least an indicator.


Is this not possible? Or am I looking in the wrong place? Mac, desktop with Chrome.

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How long do you want the icon to remain active? 

Hours, Days, Weeks, Forever?


Good question, JB.


From my perspective, it would be helpful that when the EN Web Clipper window comes up, if you had previously clipped the page, it would show in a noticeable color something like this:


You previously clipped this page on Jan 1, 2015.

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For me, at a minimum, there should be a green or yellow watermark OVER the EN icon in the bookmark bar when you are viewing a clipped page. It should be configurable in preferences on whether or not to see a little explodable popup of some kind. 


IDEALLY, it would be nice to be able to configure at the notebook level whether or not a pop-up should come up when viewing a clipped page.


For example, you are heads down working on a project. For a while, I may want to know every time I'm revisiting something I've just researched. But after a while, for a particular project, I'd just want to know if a page is marked via the watermarked icon, NOT a popup. When I'm done being in the thick of it, I'd go reconfigure that one notebook to not show a popup.

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That's all nice information to have, but I'm concerned it would come at a steep price.
Every page you display, the EN extension would have to run, and check with the Evernote Cloud to determine if the page had been clipped.
This could slow down the display of the web page, which I would not want as I do NOT clip most pages I view.
But, if there is some very fast process to get the info, then that would be OK.
Of course, it would need to be an option in the EN Web Clipper preferences to turn on/off.
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Couldn't it run after the page has been rendered? Or is that not possible ... I'm techie but not that techie :) ?


I get that there is overhead, but it's a really big missing part of knowing what the heck you are doing. At least for me. Or making the connections, anyway.

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As they say, all things are possible given time and money.   ;)


While this would be a helpful feature, I can't say it is a "big missing part".  I generally remember which pages I have clipped, and if there is any doubt I clip it.

It doesn't really do any hard to have a few dup clips show up from time-to-time.  When I run across them, I just delete one.


When I do a Goggle search, which is how I find most pages of interest, it shows me if I have any related Notes.  Easy enough to spot a dup there.


To be honest, there are other Web Clipper enhancements that I would rather see first:

  1. Make the Article Selection feature work better across more (all) web pages
  2. Make the assignment of Tabs work like the desktop apps
  3. Move the EN Clipper popup out of the way so I can see the entire article
  4. just to name a few

But then each of us have our own priorities.   :)

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