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Pricing per Device or Account?

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If I upgrade from Basic to Plus or Premium, will the annual fee be assessed per connected device or just once for the account, regardless of the number of devices that access that account?


It would be possible for me to imagine that a per-account fee could lead to easy abuse, simply by connecting by all my devices (say, a couple computers, a cellphone and a tablet) and all those devices by friends, family and business colleagues, perhaps reaching hundreds of device -- not me, of course, but there are those . . .  You might not appreciate the band-width this could consume on your servers. Other than for limitations on how much stuff can be uploaded, it seems a business wouldn't to get a business account at all.


On the other hand, if pricing is per-device, then my anticipated connection of my and wife's computers, cellphones and tablet (7 total devices) would be simply cost-prohibitive for me.

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Hi.  The cost is per account,  regardless of the number of connected devices.  Thanks for the headsup regardiing shared use,  but over a certain minimum,  sharing notes on the same account gets very interesting.  Everyone in your family should have their own - possibly free - account.  You can share notes with others in the family so that they can see these notes via their own account.  You can edit a shopping list (forinstance) with someone else provided they have a separate account and the Evernote servers can tell that you,  or this other person are currently editing the note.  If you're both using the same account,  the server just thinks you're amazingly talented and are using two machines at once,  and edits will get very,  very confused because the machine can't tell who's 'talking' at any one time.  It will process all changes it receives,  no matter how confusing.


Anyhoo.  Short form:  Honest use = happy times.  Dishonest = interesting times.  Your choice...

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