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Impossible to work with evernote

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Greetings to all the forum
I hope it's the appropriate section, do not speak and write English so sorry for the mistakes
I use the translator of google
Use evernote is the device that Note4 on pc
The program was offered in the premium version for one year with the purchase of the device, my notes 4 has 5 months old
My evernote I do not allow any operation......

that the error appears to me ..







P.S. I have the premium version



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No need to apologize.

Though I am a bit confused about exactly what your problem is. So if could clarify matters a bit more, we might be able to help you. Please remember that this is a User Forum, not a direct route to Evernote Customer Support.

* If I understand correctly, you purchased a mobile device, tablet or a phone, aporoximately 4 or 5 months ago. Is that correct?

* If so, is the device an Android model or an Apple device (like an iPad or iPhone)?

* When you purchased this device, you were told that as part of the purchase, a one year Premium Evernote subscription was include, correct?

* If yes to the previous collection did you sign up for Evernote and redeem your Premium status at the same time after your purchase?

* The first part of your post seems to indicate the you do have an Evernote account and have been using it at least a bit, but not as a Premium User. But the last part of your post seems to say that you do have an active Premium account.

Can you please clarify the above questions and also let us know if you:

A) Do have an active Evernote account or not? Meaning did you ever go through the steps to set up an account in your name with your email address?

B) If yes to question A, have you done it a second timw with a different email address? I'm asking because sometimes people accidentally create two accounts thinking something wasn't working with the first email they registered with, and use an alternate email thinking it will take them to their original account because the other info like your name is the same. Unfortunately, what that does is create two separate accounts as each Evernote account can only be linked to *one* email.

C) So basically, all of the above leads me suspect that you created a Basic, free Evernote account after purchasing you device, and used it for a time before realizing it was not a Premium account. And that you recently figured out how to apply the free Premium subscription that came as part of your device purchase, but inadvertantly opened a whole new account with an alternate email address, and are now realizing the any notes created & synced in the older account, are not showing up in the newer, Premium one. And vise versa.

Have I got your situation right, or have am I way off the mark? (Meaning wrong.

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Thanks for the reply

I try to answer following the course of your questions

  • yes, phablet purchased in December 2014
  • Android device Samsung Note 4
  • I have not signed anything for the subscription to Evernote because device taken in the online store Amazon
  • Yes, I have an Evernote account active maturing in December 2015 (see attached picture)
  • Never changed or created after the account account


I already tried to re-login to evernote both phablet that computer without getting solution of the problem ..
Try to do fresh install of evernote on PC can serve?

I hope to have clarified a little better the situation ... I'm available for further clarification, in the hope of arriving at a solution ..






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Hi.  I'm not sure of the details,  but your Note 4 should have a folder in the apps list called something like Galaxy Gifts or Galaxy Plus.  Because Evernote is pre-installed,  the link will be in that folder,  and I don't think it is moveable.  I don't know how you would combine an existing premium account with your free subscription - I can only suggest you talk to Samsung support to find whether they have any more information on this offer.

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