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Battery drained

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Hi, Evernote seems to be draining my Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition battery. I noticed that the battery is draining quickly and the application that uses up most of the battery is Evernote even when I am not using the tablet for hours. It looks like Evernote is preventing the tablet from going to sleep mode. Anybody experienced this? Solution? Thanks

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Hi.  I'm not aware of Evernote causing problems for anyone else,  though I seem to recall that I had a period of heavy battery use when there was a sync issue and my device kept on trying to connect.  When you open Evernote on your device and open / swipe right to get to the home page,  does it give you a 'last synced' date?

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Sounds like a good plan. Just remember to do a final Sync before uninstalling and reinstaling the app. Also, after your Sync, first check the Web app on a desktop machine to make sure a full Sync of your entire database, was successful.

Also, if you're Premium & have a note in your android app with a Notebook assisgned for offline status, move all the notes into a different, not offline status Notebook before Syncing. I'd just created a seperate temporary Notebook to move them all into until after you've reinstall the android app as per above, then move them all back into your Offline Notebook and then delete the temporary online one.

I recently had to switch to a replacement phone after the power button broke off side from the (Offline Notebook thing, which I don't have), it worked out fine using the steps listed above, and had no problem when installing EN on the new phone.

Hi, sync works fine. I am thinking of reinstalling the app.

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I'm running the beta version 7.1 on a Note 4,  but Evernote's power consumption is one of the lowest -




Only suggestion would be to set your account to sync only on wifi,  then switch wifi off whenever you can to avoid the app looking for syncs that it can't find...

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Reinstalling did seem to do the trick for a few days, but today I used Evernote for one short note, and it's up to the top of the list with 13%. 

I've changed the sync setting to WiFi only; hopefully that will help. 

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I can confirm that there seems to be an issue with Evernote on the Google Pixel.

I have a Pixel. Yesterday I signed into Evernote and used it just once. Today I noticed my battery was running low at around 1 PM, when usually it lasts all day. Android's system settings say Evernote has used 39% of my battery and kept my phone awake for 4 hours 53 minutes despite me not using the app today at all.



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I cannot leave evernote running, I have to force close it every time I use it and this has been a long term problem that has spanned multiple versions of Android and evernote. Android marshmallow. Galaxy s6. It's approximately 1-2% per minute. I love the product but this needs to get fixed. There are plenty of other products out there but I suspect that none of them offer what many of us have come to enjoy. 



Edit: I went through all the settings and turned off the option to GPS mark notes. Not sure but that may be the ticket. Will update here if that's it. 

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