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Secure Local Folders

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I have a personal Evernote account that I use for both business and personal information. I have access to it on my work computer, with Windows 7, since I need notes from both areas. I use the desktop app and sign out of Evernote when I leave. However, I worry about the confidentiality of my notes on the local drive and the company's ability to readily access them. Are they encrypted in any way? Can they be? Does the web app keep an image on the local drive?


The more I read this post, the more I realize that the computer is theirs and they could do whatever they want. Is getting rid of the desktop app and using the web a solution?


Thanks for the help.



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Unfortunately your work computer is an open book to anyone with IT access.  It's theoretically possible to encrypt part or all of your hard drive and store the database there,  but highly unlikely you'd be able to do that on a work machine.  The database is otherwise in plain sight and could be accessed using other tools than your Evernote app.


Depending on how sophisticated - and how paranoid - your employers are,  even web access may not be completely safe - your use could be tracked,  and the web password recorded from your browser activity.


Some users have separate work and personal accounts and share one or more notebooks from one to the other so that some information can be transferred easily - and should you suddenly lose access to your work computer,  and therefore the work account,  you at least have your personal stuff saved to another device.  You can also use Local Notebooks on your home machine so that some information isn't online at all.




Have a search in the forums about security - there's a long history of discussions;  but bottom line - if you put stuff on a work computer,  you have to be prepared that your employer could gain access.

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Thanks for the reply.


You're right. I think I will delete Evernote completely from my work computer and create a dedicated account (or use onenote, which is on our machines) for the business stuff. I've got my own iPad that I can use to access my personal Evernote, when necessary.


Better to be safe although I don't expect any problems.

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4 hours ago, fabrguer said:

if you encrypt the local Evernote database you can "safely" keep your personal data on your work computer.

Sharing notebooks from separate accounts is pretty easy. I do this. That way, your personal data is never actually stored on the work machine. If you encrypt stuff on their machine, they may have a legal right to make you decrypt it (it's their machine). Why go there?

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19 hours ago, gazumped said:

...and as I pointed out in another thread,  this batch script uses the wrong location for the database folder.  Not sure what effect that would have...

Got a guess it might not work as expected.  ;)

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59 minutes ago, gazumped said:

Don't disbelieve you,  but I'd be very cautious testing this out...  :P

My bad, I left out the not in the previous post.  Sometimes the connection from brain to fingers falters.  ?

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