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Regarding auto correction

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Is there any option where you can get auto correction of spelling while writing ??
If it is not there can you please include it in next update ??
Also can it be included that while writing the app itself keep suggesting words so that appropriate word can be chosen with single click and hence typing speed can be increased ??

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In Windows its Tools - Options - Language - check box for "Check spelling as you type".  EN Win doesn't auto correct but does underline misspellings.

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I use a free text expander utility called PhraseExpress (desktop). It catches many of my typos and auto-corrects no matter the application I'm using. Of course, this includes the Evernote desktop clients.


Thanks to @csihilling for the recommendation many moons back. I'm continually finding new uses for PhraseExpress, including the ability to facilitate markdown writing by encapsulating certain text in tags, asterisks, etc for text formatting... multi-step footnote dialogue box processes, opening files, folders and web pages with a single keyboard shortcut... etc. Sublime!

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