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Not syncing between mac and iPhone



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Hi.  "Conflicting changes" usually means you're editing a note on one device,  while another copy of Evernote is active on another machine.  Since both copies sync regularly,  the one you're using is sending updates as well as the one that is just on 'standby'.  Evernote can't tell which is the correct latest version of that note.  You can eliminate conflicts by shutting Evernote down on one device before using the other,  or (normally) just by syncing manually and frequently while you're editing.

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It is not syncing properly - keeps coming up with 'conflicting changes' on my iPhone. I think this is a problem from my iPhone side, but not sure what the problem is. Can anyone help?


You don't have to shutdown Evernote on one device before using it on another like @Gaz suggested.  I leave Evernote running on multiple Macs, iPhone, and iPads all the time, and I very rarely have a Conflicting Note issues.


The key is to sync manually, and sync often.


I have found the following to be helpful in preventing sync issues:

  1. Use multiple short Notes rather than one long Note that has many/frequent edits
  2. It is best to consistently manually sync, and sync often, especially after:
    1. Entry/Edit of an important note
    2. End of Session BEFORE you close or put your machine to sleep
    3. End of Day
    4. Start using a different device
      1. Even if you notice the Sync icon spinning on EN iOS when you switch to the app, do a manual sync anyway after it finishes spinning
      2. I have noticed that the initial sync does NOT always do a full sync.
      3. I'm not sure about Android devices, but I would do the same just to be safe.
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