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Notebook size - need to check to see if upgrading makes sense.



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Yes, I'm using the Evernote application on my Mac. I hardly ever use the web interface. I used it initially for this problem, thinking that was a way to get more comprehensive information on my notebooks.

In the Evernote application, go to Evernote>About Evernote. Hold the option key and click on the "Open Database Folder" text that appears when holding the option key. 

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Ah, thank you for the clarification, Morticia.

So is there any way to establish the size of a notebook without making it a local notebook? I'm guessing it'll be too big for my current hard drive.

On your mac or windows computer, you always work from a local copy of your evernote database. ALWAYS. Changes you make to the local copy are quickly synced to Evernote's servers. And it doesn't matter what subscription tier you are on. The application is designed to take all of your contents from the servers, plunk it down on your local hard disk, and work from there. (This does not apply to mobile devices like iPhones, where it always fetches data from the server and which is why you can't work offline, except if you are plus/premium and designate some notebooks to be available offline. Again this is only a feature/issue on mobile devices). 


If you want to know how much stuff you have stored in Evernote, and on Evernote's servers, navigate to the directory I listed above you on your Mac. This is a (more or less) mirror image of the data on Evernote's servers. The size of this folder will tell you how much data you have in Evernote. 

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I don't have any local databases, since I'm a Basic Evernote user. And I'm guessing that's also why my notebook list view doesn't have the appearance of a spreadsheet like yours does.

It appears there is no way to tell the size of my current notebooks without upgrading, which is disappointing.


Thanks for your help!

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If you right/ctrl-click any of the column headers, you can select which columns you want to make visible. 

See for example, the following screenshot: https://www.evernote.com/l/ABk7YmzOaLlCHaiZ1r01mmN0UxGVXmIa7qo


Once that column is visible, you can sort by size.



Just a quick note, if you are just interested in the overall size of your entire database (not the size of a specific notebook) you can locate the local database on your Mac, which should be here:

~/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote/accounts/www.evernote.com

the large of the two folders is the approximate size of all of your evernote content. 

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Okay. I've got the list view in the Mac app. I see the number of notes in each notebook, but I can't find a menu item that will reveal notebook size. The only options available are Work Chat and renaming a notebook.

Could the size information be a feature only available with the upgrade?



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Thanks for the feedback! I'm simply wanting to check on the size of my notebooks, but I'm not sure how to get to the list view. I've tried in the web interface and on the iPad.

Do I need to be Plus or Premium to see notebook size?

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It is not clear exactly what you are wanting to do, but here are a few thoughts that may or may not be helpful:


The upload quota is unrelated to notebook size. Practically speaking users at any subscription tier, including free, can have the same amount of content in Evernote, free users just have to add it more slowly. Any existing content doesn't count against your quota. 


Notebook size in terms of bytes cannot be easily determined. You can enter list view and add the "size" column, and sort by size, to see what some of your largest notes are in a given notebook and generate a rough approximation (at least you'll know if you're talking 10mb or 500mb for a given notebook!). 


Are you wanting to calculate notebook size in order to ensure you have sufficient space on your mobile device? Keep in mind that you can select which notebooks are available offline, so you don't have to keep your entire Evernote database local to your mobile device. 


My strategy is that I have a single, dedicated "offline" notebook. This is a temporary holding spot for documents I need offline access to. Its the only offline notebook and it is always selected as available offline on my mobile devices. This avoids confusion because I never have to keep track of which notebooks are available offline and which ones aren't. there's only one notebook designated for offline access, and its always designated as such. All I have to keep track of is what goes in there and when. When I no longer need offline access I move it back to whichever notebook it should be in permanently (which is almost always something other than the Offline notebook). This requires some forethought, so it might not work in cases where you are offline and spontaneously need access to some arbitrary note somewhere else. This prevents me from having huge amounts of local storage on my mobile device eaten up by notes I don't actually need to access while offline. This may work better for some use cases than others, but I've found it to be the easiest strategy for reliably maintaining offline access to only those notes that need offline access (except when the offline feature is itself unreliable, which isn't a strategy-dependent issue!).

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