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After update all stacks are by default open (desktop mac v. 6.0.11)



Hi all,


After the latest update when I restart my Evernote all of the stacks are expanded by default. Since I have a lot of stacks and notebooks this is really a pet peeve of mine.


Did anyone have similar experience or maybe has some info regarding some default stacks settings or so?


Thaks in advance and cheers.

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There aren't different versions,  but the App store will only update the software available there after internal checks,  so Evernote.com is always the latest,  most up to date option.

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Didn't know that Evernote.com and App Store had different versioning.


The Mac App Store version and the Evernote Direct Download version are actually different versions, even if they have the same version number.  The App Store version has additional/different code to make it conform to the sandbox requirements imposed by Apple.


In recent times, the App Store version has shown numerous bugs that were NOT in the Direct D/L version.


So many of us who actually use EN Mac prefer and recommend the Direct D/L version.

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