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(Archived) Search highlighting returns after you clear it...



After searching, your results are highlighted in gray, which needs to be clicked-on to see your entire note. I'm using version 1.6.1, and the gray background often re-appears, and I you must click AGAIN to clear it. This happens about half the time when searching.

Is this a bug?

Please, get rid of this gray highlighting. Its a nuisance. The extra clicking is a waste of effort. Just highlight the result in yellow. :(

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I guess I'll have to make a screencast of this...

I search for a term, Evernote finds it and turns the note grey.

I click on the grey note so I can see it... (the grey disappears, then returns)

I click on the grey note again so I can see it...

PLEASE eliminate this grey shading!!! I just want to see my notes after searching!

For now, what can I do the eliminate the REPEAT gray shading?

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No, I see the same issue. The gray background comes back once usually, twice sometimes.

I agree that this needs to be fixed. It is always bugged me, never really thought to ask about it here :-/

I am using 1.6.2 beta, although I have definitely seen this behavior in older versions as well.

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Yeah, this is a pretty annoying 'feature'. I never have understood what the logic was behind hiding the note only to reveal the search terms. The search term is worthless to me out of context. The reason I'm searching for the term is not just for the term's sake - I need the entire note. I've seen it be asked here before - highlight the term in yellow... leave the rest of the note alone.

Maybe someday.

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This is NOT changed in 1.7 as far as I can tell.

This gray "highlighting" has always been a major annoyance. When you search, it is very hard to read the found notes because they all have a gray background. (If you select in the note, the gray disappears temporarily, but then you lose the highlighted search terms.) It is hard to believe that this doesn't annoy you guys too! I thought you had a lot of Mac users.

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