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Can I use an Evernote Edition ScanSnap with two Evernote Accounts?



I have a lot of personal paper to scan for home/finance that I want to scan to my personal Evernote account.  I have tons of docs that I would like to scan for my work projects that I would like my boss to be able to access through a separate work account.  Can the Evernote Edition ScanSnap scan be set up to scan to separate accounts using one Macbook?  Any help or experience trying this would be appreciated. 

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Hi.  No experience at all with the EESS,  so I'd suggest you wait for a user to comment in more detail,  but if you need alternatives to swapping accounts,  you might consider either scanning everything to a folder on your desktop initially,  and using scripting or an automation tool like AutoHotKey to send files to the appropriate file,  or scanning to a separate notebook on your personal account which is shared with your other account.

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While I have not used the Evernote Edition ScanSnap, all other ScanSnaps I have used support the creation of Profiles.
A Profile is just the specific settings you would want for a particular use.
So, you might see if you can create Profiles, and create one for Personal and one for Work.
How to Make a Scanning Profile Using ScanSnap Manager
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