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New Evernote for Windows 5.8.7 Beta

Justin Street

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A new beta version of Evernote for Windows is available. You can download it here.


5.8.7 Beta Release notes:


  • New
    • Tables created in Evernote can be dynamically resized by dragging the column borders
  • Improved
    • Sync
      • Speed improvements
      • Sync will now bring down the most recently updated notes first
    • Performance of application while syncing large databases
    • Fixed bugs that caused undo history to become lost
    • Fixed a bug that would cause the note formatting toolbar to disappear
    • Business notebooks can be published from the share button on the notebooks page
    • Note link behavior for deleted notes
    • Note author field is now set automatically on notes created in the application
    • Fixed several sync and stability issues


Thanks for trying it out. Enjoy!

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The new outlook clipper is definitely an improvement. It is significantly faster than before especially with emails with large attachments.

I also really like the ability to sync the email without the attachment. It appears that you can only do this when syncing a single email as opposed to syncing a group of emails. I have been waiting for this feature for years.

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Nice job on the table resizing.


One item that I've reported before, and fyi is still there, is that you cannot copy text or tables with check boxes and paste them into other applications such as MS Word.  The boxes are pasted over as blanks.  In order to copy these over you have to first disable the beta editor features, then the text with text boxes can be copied and pasted into other applications.

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When resizing the table columns, the icon allowing you to resize the column shows up about 1/4 inch to the left of the column divider line instead of right on the column line.

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once I figure out how to rig up manual, daily EN backups, and keep multiple backup versions on file. Because, you know, Evernote. ;)


For backup, in addition to any local backups you make, you might consider:

  1. CrashPlan -- especially good for catastrophic events
  2. Revert.io -- a relative new online backup that offers true restore (does NOT cover Local Notebooks)
    1. Makes it very easy to restore just one Note, a group of Notes, a Notebook, or your entire account.

The hard part is restore.  Lot's of choices for backup, but the Evernote restore process is, in most cases, really a export/import process.

Revert.io is the only service I know of to directly restore lost/damaged Notes.

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the new outlook clipper has some nice features. i like the ability to add a note with some thoughts on my next action.


one quibble, though... previously, when you generated a note, you could click enter to save the note. now, the focus is on the subject text box, so i've got to mouse over to save the note. i often do a big sweep and generate a bunch of notes in a row, and this slows me down. could you put the focus back on the "save" button by default? or provide a keyboard shortcut for save?


thanks for considering.



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as i'm digging in more, i'm not loving the default logic for how email threads are represented; there seems to be duplicative content. so the request would be:


when i'm creating a note from a email chain, i'd like the default setting to include the content as it appears in the outlook msg, so that i don't have to wade through duplicative messages in the evernote note.


thanks for considering. 

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