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Evernote and Gmail Integration - Have you used Collabspot?

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None of the add-ins (that I'm aware of) are "must haves" for everyone - if you need gmail integration,  this is one way to achieve some functions;  there are several others which might be more applicable to some.  The benefit of the add-in market is that you can find ways to extend Evernote's basic operations if you really want to.  And they won't (usually) clutter up your workspace with extra menu commands as would happen if they were part of the main app.  The downside - as you point out - is that in addition to Evernote's annual subscription,  you also have at least one extra payment to make to secure your service.

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Evernote is what it is: no more no less. No app is perfect, no app is a jack-of-all-trades. So if you need/want to expand EN's capabilities beyond what it was designed for, you'll have to use addons.

There are also plenty of useful free add-ins so you don't necessarily have to spend money. It is as Gaz points out, it all depends on what you want/need.


So, this is yet another subscription service that will allow Evernote integration to the Gmail client?  Eventually, we'll all be spending $100 per month on "must have hooks" into Evernote.

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Thanks everyone for pitching in with your feedback. 


@Rgrenader : Apparently, this current one is for $2/month but I tdon't think somebody would be spending $100 each month on just the add-ins. Even if they add multiple addons, most of them cost for $5 or less /month. 


@gazumped. Yes, absolutely true. Such apps add more value to Evernote that's why I was interested in this particular one.


@DutchPete. Can't agree with you more on this. No app is perfect and will ever be complete for sure. There are tons of ways to use and integrate with other apps. 


But my original question stays unaswered, does anyone has personally used this gmail integration utility?

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Hi Productivity Geek


Did you ever get any feedback on this?  Or would you mind sharing your own experiences with collabspot?


I travel a lot in Africa and often in places where there is no internet connection.


Looking for something that will sync fairly seamlessly once I'm back on-line; where all my organising, tagging and workflow can be done from one place and where I can avoid the headers being chopped off emails or the irritation of Fwd: being pre-pended to every email title which have both been irritants with work-arounds in the past.


Looking forward to getting your views

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