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Currently a Basic, considering Premium upgrade...

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I modified a note, but want to take the advantage of the "Go back in time - See previous versions of your notes to get insight into how your thinking and projects evolve over time." If I upgrade to Premium, will it let me see a past version of note that I modified while being Basic customer?




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Yes it will.

keep in mind this version history feature is very, very limited. In my experience it seems to capture versions about once or twice a day. I haven't come across documentation for the actual timing, so my observation should be taken with again of salt. 

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This used to be the case. I don't know if is now. I wish it was better documented. But, regardless of whether it is 8 hours or 8 minutes, there is a gap, so I'd still recommend Time Machine (if you are on a Mac) to gain some control over this.

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Thank you for the input. It was a note I made 3 months ago, modified it yesterday, I was hoping to revert back to how it looked at any point in the last 3 months...



That should work, but I'm hesitant to say definitively that it will work if only because you have the extra complication of going from free to premium during that time frame, which shouldn't cause an issue, but you just never know. At ~$5 for one month of premium it isn't the most costly thing if it ends up not working out. 

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Didn't know the $5 a month was an option! Thanks Scott!

The exact pricing varies by region and may now be quite different everywhere since they've moved to a three-tier system, but for a long time its been about that. Good luck with the experiment! 

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