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Evernote really ought to shorten it's sharing URLs

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I know, I know; this topic has been seen before. But Evernote's sharing URLs are too long. They are often, often broken, in transit, when sent by email.


And shortening them with goo.gl doesn't work. Almost 100% of the time, recipients of my Evernote sharing links, shortened by goo.gl, receive from Google the message "this goo.gl shortlink has been disabled. It was found to be violating our Terms of Service. Click here and here for more information about our terms and policies respectively."


So, all sorts of clients are seeing this message, instead of how great Evernote is.


The remaining time on my premium subscription is just long enough for me to assess Onenote.

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Evernote URLs can (if necessary) easily be 'hidden' in email and notes,  behind an actual title like this one which just links back to this topic.  Not saying that linking couldn't be improved,  but I don't quite see this as a major issue...

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I think it is an arrogant attitude of EN Management to ignore the long, long standing wish of paying  members to ignore to provide shorter links.

Quite a number of recipients refuse to open third party links. They insist on seeing the source !!!

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3 hours ago, Pico-Thai said:

They insist on seeing the source !!!

Then keep the original links... and I recommend shouting out spontaneously at least 5 times a day, "Oh the arrogance!".

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