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Account deactivated on iPhone not on MacBook

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What exactly do you mean by "deactivated? A deactivated account is one that is, well, deactivated altogether and should appear almost as if it doesn't exist. 

I'm going to suggest that if you are still able to use Evernote and receive no connection errors in Evernote on your Mac, that your account is still active. 


Could you simply have been logged out of Evernote on your iPhone, but not on your Mac?

Did you change your password for any reason? 

Can you log into your account at www.evernote.com?

When you try and log in on your iPhone, what error are you getting?

Can you follow the "forgot password" instructions and set up a new password for yourself, and then log in on your devices again?

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Thank you for your response..


When I log in on my iPhone, after entering my password, it says: 'your account is deactivated'. Nothing more… When I press 'OK', nothing happens. I don't get a 'forgot password' question or other option to pursue. 

I have never logged out, nor changed my password on my iPhone. I can login on my account on my macbook, not on my iPhone because I get directed to the app that I have downloaded. 


It just doesn't seem to make sense. Maybe I should delete the app on my iPhone and reinstall it again..?

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Reinstalling is always a good troubleshooting step. Also ensure that you are using exactly the same email address to log into both devices (many people have two or more email addresses and sometimes accidentally end up with two accounts which can cause them issues). 

If all of that fails you might consider reaching out to support for assistance, if you are a Plus or Premium subscriber, and if you are a free user, perhaps someone else here has insight. 


Just so I am clear on what you are doing, when you are logging into Evernote on your mac, are you logging into the application installed on your computer, or into the website at www.evernote.com? What are the results of both of these, for example, can you log into the Evernote.app application installed on your Mac? Can you log into the web interface at www.evernote.com? 

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