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Feature Request - Identify Duplicates/Potential Duplicates

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I read the support notes, and yes, I can (and have) sorted my notes by title and done duplicate checking that way,  but I have over 18,000 notes and one notebook with Crochet Patterns that has over 5,000 notes and because I am always adding free patterns I find, I easily pick up duplicates. Going through 5000+ notes manually is just too much work for a product designed to make life easier!



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Hi.  Not to be cynical,  but why do you care?  I really don't understand some users' fixation with keeping their database lean and mean when what you already have uploaded has counted against your upload allowance (unless you're Premium) and deleting a duplicate won't give you any extra storage or upload capacity.


The one area where weeding out duplicates makes sense,  is if you see multiple hits in a search.  So if you look for 'slouch boots' and see a duplicate,  you can delete the oldest/ newest/ least helpful entry.


I'm always tweaking tags and titles and killing duplicates,  but that's always involved with searching.  I want my searches to find (ideally) one accurate hit,  or maybe a small range of possibilities;  if anything else turns up,  then I try to fix things so that it won't do so in future.  That sort of ongoing management is standard for any database - it's usually called 'curation' or 'gardening'.

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If you have Excel skills it is reasonably simple to copy not information and find dups there.  If it is what you want to do. 

  1. Got to list view
  2. Select all notes
  3. Click on a note
  4. Ctrl-A to select all
  5. Ctrl-C to copy all
  6. Paste into Excel
  7. Sort by title
  8. Simple equation to compare note titles
  9. Filter by the results and you have a list of dups


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I appreciate that this might not bother you, but you don't know how I use the program, nor what my search results look like and so on, so since I am merely making a request for a feature and not complaining or bad-mouthing the software, perhaps you might decide to not let my request matter to you.




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Sorry if I gave offence - I was aiming for reassurance not any sort of criticism;  if you want to actively weed out duplicates,  that's entirely your choice.  I was just making the point that you don't have to delete notes unless they bother you.

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