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want new chat with same recipient without previous conversation

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I am keeping a running log of projects that I am working on by sending myself notes in work chat. It's good because it automatically shows me what time I was considering a particular issue or writing a particular thing. 


Now I have a new project, want to open up a new chat, using a new notebook, and I cannot get the work chat to show up "clean" or "blank" without choosing a different recipient. 


This doesn't make sense to me because it seems like anyone, in a collaboration with a team, might want to start a new chat unencumbered by the entire previous chat you've had with them on a million different topics. I assume I am missing something obvious. Have searched internet, this forum, not finding the answer. 



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Hi.  I suspect you could save yourself some effort by just emailing your logs and updates directly to your Evernote account email address.  You can even specify which existing notebook they're filed in by using the @notebook #tag !reminder trick in your email title.  That way you create the note and get the timestamp in one operation,  and don't clutter up your chat window with previous traffic.


I don't know of a way to clear that 'previous chats' information - it could be a useful feature request if the window is too crowded;  as you say,  there will be teams where one or more members has a lot of chats going on,  but wants to start a new one.


So:  I can't suggest a direct fix for your problem,  but emails might be a way around it...

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