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Undo modification of note so it does not try to sync?





I am using Evernote on OSX Yosemite.

I was a premium customer some time back. I have many notes from that time that are over 50MB but I never modify them. I have been an Evernote free customer some months after this.

This morning by mistake I entered some text in a note that has a size of 65MB. The note contains an audio recording. I tried to use Cmd+Z to undo the last change but EN was already trying to sync the note with the server. I am now of course getting all the time an error telling me that Evernote could not sync that note, the reason is the size of the note as I cannot pass the 50MB limit imposed to free accounts.

Is there a way to flag the note to not sync so I don't see this error anymore every time EN tries to sync?

I could split the audio recording in 2 separate notes, or pay one month of EN plus service to try fixing this silly fail, but I am curious if there could be another way around this?



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The only other approach that comes to mind is very drastic, and I would NOT do it:
Move or Rename the Evernote account folders on your Mac, and then start EN Mac.  This would cause Evernote to download your entire account as it was last sync'd, meaning that you would lose all non-sync'd changes, and all local notebooks.
I would just split the Note, and put Note links in both notes back to the other note.
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